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Getting Started

Official Dev List library for interacting with the Dev List API


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Dev List

Table Of Getting Started Contents


  • NPM package that gets information about devlist profile and other info from the Dev List API
  • Useful for websites & bots where users can input any profile id/slug
  • Supports the Promise-API, you will be able to use .then, .catch, etc...
  • & more...


npm i devlist

Example Usage

const dlist = require('devlist');
const dlist_api = new dlist.API_Controller();

async function getUserData(){
let user = await dlist_api.profile('300530315351425024');
console.log(user); // profile object
let user = await dlist_api.exists('300530315351425024');
console.log(user); // true
let slug = await dlist_api.slug('tariq');
console.log(slug); // 300530315351425024
let widget = await dlist_api.widget('300530315351425024');
console.log(widget); // widget object
getUserData(); // calling the function